Daikatana Wiki

Mobilty is an important part of Daikatana, and weapon jumping is a big part of that. Whether its trying to get a hard to reach secret, or getting the upper edge in a deathmatch game, weapon jumping will help you.

Weapon Jumping[]


Weapon Jumping is using a weapons knockback or explosive force to propel yourself upwards, and perhaps sideways for some speed. The type of weapon jumping depends on the weapon. Sometimes it involves doing damage to the user, in exchange for mobility. Some weapons do not take health to weapon jump. Using weapon jumps carefully you can find shortcuts to get better weapons in multiplayer, and secrets. Careful weapon jumping can help you save points by not investing in acro.

List of weapon jump weapons[]

The weapons listed below are practical for doing weapon jumps with. There are other weapons that may give you a boost, but they either do not give enough boost, are inconsistent, or do too much damage to use reliably.


  • Sidewinder - Using rockets, you can rocket jump. Jump and fire at the ground below you to propel yourself upwards.
  • Shotcycler-6 - Fire downwards while in the air, and the shotgun bursts will propel you upwards.
  • Ion Blaster - see Ion Jumping.

1200 B.C[]

  • Poseidon's Trident - Fire downwards in the air. Similar to the Shotcycler.
  • Hade's Hammer - Charge up your hammer, then release on the ground. The explosion will send you flying upwards.


  • Ballista - Fire downwards while in mid air. Also possible to use the explosive force of the ballista logs, however, firing downwards in mid air does not consume health.


  • Kineticore - Fire downwards, and you will be propelled upwards. Beware of the projectiles flying back at you.