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Wooden Chest Era: 560
Interactable Type: Other

Wooden Chest

The Wooden Chest is an interactable item in era 560.

Pressing the use key next to the chest will open it. Opening the chest results in various outcomes. All of the Skill Power Ups have a chance of appearing, as well as the Wraith Orb, Megashield, and Mana Skull. The chest also has a chance to explode and damage the player.

Pre Alpha[]

The pre-alpha Wooden Chest used a different, less developed and more colorful model than the finals.

The wooden chest in the pre-alpha differs in its function as well. Instead of giving Skill Power Ups and Rare Pickups, gives the player one of the following:

  • Antidote
  • a Wisp (ammo for Wyndrax's Wisp)
  • Ammo for Nharre's Nightmare, which doesn't exist in the pre-alpha