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Wraith Orb Eras: All
Pickup Type: Power Up, Rare Pickup
Bonus Provided: Temporary semi-transparency for 30 seconds, full transparency gained by standing still under the effects of the Wraith Orb. Enemies will have difficulty spotting you.

Wraith Orb

The Wraith Orb is a rare pickup power up.

It provides the user with a 30 second buff of partial invisibility to enemies while moving, and almost full invisibility to enemies while standing still.

While under the effect, your viewmodel will become semi transparent, and your hud icon of your character will also become semi transparent, with very prominent eyes.

The Wraith Orb pickup gives off a humming sound.


There are two Pre-Alpha versions of the Wraith Orb, one from June, and one from August 1997


Pre-Alpha Wraith Orb from August 1997.

  • The August version is an orb with fire textures, and multiple warped skulls on it. It is very different from the final version of the game, and is very dark and brutal.


Pre-Alpha Wraith Orb from June

  • The June version is closer to the final version of the Wraith Orb seen in the game, adopting the dark, grey and smoky appearance with the singular skull. It has a misplaced texture, and the skull can only be seen on the top. It is clear the art direction has changed between the months inbetween. It is likely that it was unclear what the function of the older Wraith Orb was to playtesters, due to the fire texture and melting skulls having nothing to do with going stealthy and invisible.

The Wraith Orb also functioned differently. It provided 60 seconds of cloak rather than the games 30 seconds.