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Wyndrax Era: 560
Occupation: Wizard, in his tower
Enemy Type: Boss


Wyndrax, also known as Wyndrax the Wizard, is a boss in era 560. He resides in his tower, and carries the Wyndrax's Wisp, which he will drop upon defeat. He is one of the three magicians in 560.


Wyndrax is summoned by placing his spellbook on a table in E3M4B. He will then appear to fight the player. After a small battle, Wyndrax will reveal a secret passageway behind a bookcase, and retreat to a snowy field, containing the exit to the level.

Wyndrax will attack the player by firing bolts of lightning, as well as launching floating, damaging, area of effect wisps.


Wyndrax has a multitude of gitches. Sometimes, he will not walk to the secret passageway, and will get stuck walking up a random staircase. This will result in him being unkillable, along with the level being unfinishable, since Wyndrax has to open the passageway that leads to the exit.

Sometimes, he will initiate a fight in the middle of the staircase of the passageway, resulting in him being unkillable. However, towards the end of the staircase he will be killable, and will open the exit, and drop the Wyndrax's Wisp.

The normal thing you do before a boss is save. DON'T SAVE NEAR WYNDRAX. All saves near him get corrupted.